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Raised as a Christian, church-going, Southern boy, Ben Taylor’s life had turned to narcissism and materialism in the financial world of Chicago. He had pursued fame and fortune and he got it, his professional life exceeding all his lofty expectations. In addition to becoming a high-powered banker at Lehman Brothers, Ben’s personal life was perfect, with a beautiful wife and baby on the way.

But life delivers Ben a one-two punch, destroying his personal and professional lives in quick succession. A terrible accident snatches away his hope for the future, while the great recession of 2008 wipes him out completely, taking him to the depths of financial ruin.

A just-in-time intervention of two men, a pastor named Joe and a personal trainer, keeps him from making the ultimate surrender and begins his personal and professional restoration. With the help of these men and their faith, Ben rebuilds his life and repairs damaged relationships. Ben learns to be guided by prayer. As Pastor Joe would say, “…if the voice you hear in your head sounds a lot smarter than you know you are, then something else is at work.” Ben tries to have faith in his experience and know that “God will use this for good.”

Ben is given a second chance at life and returns home to Kentucky and his Southern roots. But the winding road of Ben’s journey back is not without additional challenges and setbacks as he discovers new strengths and friendships…and love. And after living according to his own agenda for so long, and incurring his own self-inflicted misfortune, will Ben be able to live for something—or someone—bigger than himself? Or will mistakes from his past destroy his newfound hope?

A powerful work of Christian fiction, Dancing Alone Without Music is a contemporary romance novel that will resonate not just with persons of faith, but all those who embrace the merits of perseverance in overcoming life’s challenges. The reader accompanying Ben along the twists and turns of his journey will encounter a roller coaster of emotion, from laughter to tears.

Written in an engaging, open, and easy style, Dancing Alone Without Music is a romantic, touching, and inspiring book that will make you feel like you are really there with Ben on his journey, with familiar characters who stay with you long after the last page.

As one author wrote: “Dancing Alone Without Music is a moving story of love, commitment, acceptance, tolerance and gratefulness, and reminds readers of the importance of counting their blessings.” -Estela Ibanez De Oropeza, Author of To Live Again

If you like Nicholas Sparks and loved best sellers like God Will Use This For Good, When I Lost You, and Breathing On Her Own, you will love Dancing Alone Without Music.