Eco-Gardens is a small family farm in Southern KY, about an hour north of Nashville, owned by Andrew and Reuben Habegger. The brothers' farming roots run deep as they can trace their farming heritage to a homestead in Canton Bern, Switzerland, owned by a Habegger in 1540 and the last they heard still owned and operated by a Habegger. Using only horsepower to till the soil, Andrew and Reuben's family has worked the current family homestead for 35 years.  They practice sustainable living and sustainable farming.  Above and beyond sustainability, they employ certified Organic standards, both tried and true and also the newest innovations in Organic gardening. The first fields were Certified Organic in 2006.  They believe healthy food comes from healthy soil, and eating healthy food makes healthy people. They always work to boost the quality of the soil in an effort to boost the nutrient content of your food.  Of course, all your veggies will be grown free of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides, etc.! They use organic potting soil.  As per certified organic guidelines, organic seeds are used when commercially available, and untreated seeds are used whenever Organic seeds are unavailable. And Eco-Gardens Farm never grows genetically modified vegetables (No GMO seeds).  Andrew discusses farming methods in weekly Eco-Gardens Organic CSA newsletters and welcomes questions from CSA members.